25 Simple Ways To Lower Your Stress
Sip.Keep a bottle of water with you and drink from it way more often than you think you need to. Get into the habit of staying hydrated! Breathe.Stop and breathe deeply every half-hour or so. Close your eyes as you breathe and concentrate on your breath. With your mind, follow […]

25 Simple Ways To Lower Your Stress

How To Stay Stress
Set yourself up for success the night before. Prep to survive a busy workday in advance. Eat a healthy dinner. Visualize making it through the day successfully. Release anxiety in whatever way works for you (e.g., exercise or journaling). And make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Any stressors […]

How To Stay Stress-Free During Your Most Exhausting Workdays

9 Ways Employees Can Stay Healthy at Work
It is said that health is wealth. The adage is true to a great extent. Without good health, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. Taking care of work, chores and kids would become impossible if we struggled with health conditions all of the time. One of the most common […]

9 Ways Employees Can Stay Healthy at Work

OPTIMIZE THE COLLECTION AND USE OF OSH DATA A contribution to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 8 The ILO’s campaign for the 2017 World Day for Safety and Health at Work focuses on the critical need for countries to improve their capacity to collect and utilize reliable occupational safety […]

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Health and wellness in the workplace is a major concern for both employers and employees. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) cites that some of today’s top health-related challenges are diabetes, obesity, heart disease and stroke. But there are four specific ways you can stay healthy at work and feel […]

4 Tips to Staying Healthy at Work

1) BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE DAY Beginning your day with breakfast is a smart idea for several reasons. First, if you let yourself get too hungry by skipping your morning meal, it’s harder to resist junk food when your stomach starts to rumble, or worse, when […]


 Find ways to exercise in the office A Lancet study from earlier this year found that people need to do at least an hour of physical activity a day to counter the negative health impacts of every eight hours spent sitting. “The evidence suggests that if you are sitting for long periods […]

How to be more healthy at work in 2017

Come to work prepared with healthy snacks, and you’ll improve focus, increase productivity, and avoid packing on pounds. Here are fifteen snack foods to help you stay satisfied. Walnuts– Walnuts are high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Pair a handful of walnuts with a piece of low-fat cheese, […]

15 Healthy Snacks for the Office

Being healthy at work can be a challenge when you often end up spending long hours in a similar position, and have little time afterwards to do your fitness routine. Eye strain, tension in your neck, and those extra calories found in the inviting goodies placed on your co-workers’ desks […]

3 Simple Tips for Being Healthy at Work