19th of October 2015 – European week for safety and health

On the 19th of October 2015 the European week for safety and health begins.
In whole Europe events will be held to commemorate the case and to attract attention regarding stress and psychosocial risks on the workplace.
The network of EU-OSHA organizes many events in over 30 countries to popularize the campaign’s messages. The topics cover stress and psychosocial risks regarding working hours, a new protocol for bullying and harassment, evaluation of the psychosocial risks in small companies or the connection between institutions for safety and health during work (SHW), the educational sector and the companies while managing the psychosocial risks. Conferences for presenting the businesses, accomplished during the two years of the campaign, are planned in Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain and Sweden.

The official partners of the EU-OSHA campaign also plan some activities: The European network for hazards at work will conduct an event in Italy to discuss the experience and the best practices from Italy and the ways of preventions, evaluation and removal of risks on European level; the German supplier B-A-D of services in the area of SHW, to which Team Prevent Bulgaria is a subsidiary and official regional partner of the campaign for Bulgaria, will organize a conference regarding the evaluation of the risk of psychic overload.
In 2015 the European week will continue with the topic “Healthy work places – manage the stress!” and will pay attention to two practical issues: sexual harassment and violence of third parties. The first part explains what is sexual harassment, the number of workers affected and what countermeasures could be applied by the companies to deal with the problem. In the second part the violence of third parties is described – the most widespread professionalrisk for the European companies, who does it affect the most, professions at risk and its impact on workers.
Dr. Christa Sedlatschek, director of EU-OSHA, explains: “Despite of the violence can affect every work place and every worker, some job characteristics raise the these risks. Working directly with customers, consumers or other people outside the organization raises the risk of violence incidents known as “violence of third parties”. ESENER-2 shows that the necessity of working with tough customers, patients, students is identified as the most widespread risk factor in all European companies (57.4%).”

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