3 Simple Tips for Being Healthy at Work

Being healthy at work can be a challenge when you often end up spending long hours in a similar position, and have little time afterwards to do your fitness routine. Eye strain, tension in your neck, and those extra calories found in the inviting goodies placed on your co-workers’ desks all have an effect on your well-being. What are the strategies you’ve used to be healthy at work? Here 3 simple tips from Wellworks For You, a corporate wellness company dedicated to improving people’s wellbeing in the workplace.

Drinking enough water is a contributor to your sense of wellbeing throughout the day. Even if you’re not used to it at first, it’s good to start drinking more water and you will accustom yourself. The 3 o’clock lull that many people feel mid-afternoon often is due to dehydration, so drink lots of water-8-10 glasses is recommended. Our strategy is to bring in a 16 ounce water to work and try to finish by lunch, then finish the next one by 3 or 4 pm.

Portion control is another way to approach improved health, just by changing the little things. Oftentimes what you’re eating isn’t even that bad, it’s just that you eat too much of it at one time. For example, pizza is not that bad for you, but the extra 3-4 slices is! Share a pizza with a co-worker, and then eat a salad packed full of vegetables (the more colors you see, the better!)

Standing up is a simple yet powerful tool for pushing back against gravity’s downward pull on your joints and muscles. Some studies show that sitting down for hours every day can actually counteract the effects of exercise even when you do try for the 3x a week recommended routine. The solution? Stand up 20 times a day, throughout the day. This also ends up burning more calories and keeping your muscles from contracting too much, leading to tension problems. If you need a break, stand up, look around, maybe take a walk down the hall. It’s amazing the amount of effect, over the years, that these simple changes can make for your joints and muscles. (And don’t stop your exercise routine—it has multiple positive effects for long-term health and disease avoidance!)

Source: http://www.wellworksforyou.com/being_healthy_at_work.html

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