About the project


HEALTHY AT WORK: Transfer of standards and practices for healthy workspace





Delivery period: 2013 – 2015

Project objectives:

The overall objective of the project was to promote health protection and health management practices and policies at work in Bulgaria thus contributing to improving the overall health status and well-being of the population. Project specific objectives were:

  • To transfer Swiss know-how and expertise in health management and health promotion at work
  • To promote and implement workplace health management practices, policies and standards based on the Swiss experience


Results achieved:

The project built on the experience and expertise of Health Promotion Switzerland, adapted and tested in Bulgaria the Swiss health management (HM) policies and methodologies and in particular the Friendly Workplace Label®. This was achieved through serious of trainings, capacity building and study tour of Bulgarian experts, training of trainers, wide PR and communication campaign including promotional workshops, pilot testing of the label with Bulgarian companies and sustaining an international network in Health management.


More particular the activities delivered and results achieved are as follows:

  1. A start up press conference with 26 participants was held in Ruse (Bulgaria) dd Dec 2013 in order to promote the subject of the project and the Swiss health management practices
  2. Two days thematic workshop for transfer of the basic know-how on HM and WHP was delivered in Dec 2013 by the Swiss Consultant Ms Corinne Baumgartner, Conaptis company where 10 Bulgarian experts were trained

A study tour was held and more practical knowledge was transferred to 3 selected Bulgarian experts in Zurich in March 2014 by Ms Corinne Baumgartner, Conaptis company. Key knowledge, experience and new skills on HM and FWS® were gained by the Bulgarian experts during this training.

  1. The methodology and tools of FWS® were adapted to the Bulgarian environment: documentation was developed in Bulgarian, an instruction guide on FWS® produced and printed out in 350 copies
  2. A pool of 5 other Bulgarian experts were selected and they were additionally training via a two days training of trainers course in September 2014
  3. A wide PR campaign on WHP and FWS® was held in Bulgaria in order to promote the idea and attract companies to participate in a pilot testing exercise. The campaign included the following activities:
    • Strategy and communication plan to promote HM and FWS® in Bulgaria was developed and implemented
    • A web-based communication tool was developed and put into operation
    • Information and educational video on WHP and FWS® was produced and promoted
    • promotional workshops were held in three main cities of Bulgaria with a total of 120 participants (May 2014 – Feb 2015)
    • Branded promotional materials were produced and disseminated (anti-stress figures, calendars, T-shirts, hats); roll ups, posters and leaflets
  4. Pilot testing of the FWS® methodology was performed with 3 Bulgarian companies: one large chemical company, one SME producing machinery, one micro company – business association. The final conclusions of the testing are due, reports are being prepared.
  5. Cooperation agreements were signed to develop a sustainable network on HM and HP


About BRCCI:

BRCCI was founded in 2003 with the main objective to support the economic development and EU integration of Bulgaria and Romania as well as the cooperation among local businesses and partners from EU. Since then the Chamber is providing various information and consultancy services to the business community of both countries in order to raise their competitiveness and support their sustainable growth.  BRCCI is also an active actor in regional development working on topics of EU-importance like fostering employment and entrepreneurship, combating climate change, promoting social responsibility, knowledge-based economy and innovations.

BRCCI has more than 100 active member companies as well as a wide network of partners. Its main office is located in Ruse but the chamber operations are nationwide. The organization has a management board of 5 senior company managers working on a voluntary basis and also permanent staff. Experienced experts and professionals in specific areas are additionally hired on a project to project basis. BRCCI has fully equipped offices (computer equipment, office-furniture, presentation equipment, etc.), located in an office building in the Ruse city centre. The chamber is a member of several networks and development committees on a national and regional basis, among which the Association of the bilateral chambers of commerce in Bulgaria, The Consultation Commission within the Ministry of Economy, The commission for regional development, the CBC development committee, etc.

BRCCI is heavily involved in actions and projects aimed at providing information, consultancy and advice to the designated target groups in view of fostering their sustainable development, growth, improved performance and responsibility. The majority of the projects focus at transfer of know-how, exchange of ideas and are always implemented in cooperation with other partners, from Bulgaria and internationally. The topics are carefully picked-up to be of benefit and clear interest to target groups, but to also introduce new practices, know-how, skills and focus the attention to issues of EU and international importance (renewable energy, protection of environment, entrepreneurship, internationalization of business, innovations, combating regional disparities. All projects have evident and sustainable results.